Synology DS224+ DiskStation

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Intel Celeron J4125
92 mm x 92 mm x 1 pcs
Dimensions (HxWxD)
165 mm x 108 mm x 232.2 mm
Weight (Gross)
1.30 kg

Synology DS224+ DiskStation

Consolidate and safeguard:

Secure all your data using built-in security measures and centralized access control.

Manage important data:

Share, backup, and retrieve various files, photographs, surveillance videos, and additional content.

Minimize energy impact:

Operating at 15 watts during full operation helps maintain cost-effective operations.

Simply faster:

The Synology DS224+ outperforms previous-generation systems by offering faster file indexing in Synology Drive and Synology Photos, along with enhanced capability for running resource-intensive web applications.

Store, share, and protect:

Efficiently handle your documents, images, and various files, safeguard applications and devices through backups, and enhance property security with professional video surveillance.

Hybrid work in the private cloud:

Effortlessly store, synchronize, access, and collaborate on data from any location, on any device. Seamlessly collaborate across various platforms, accessing your files through mobile apps, desktop clients, or a web-based interface. With intelligent versioning, you can swiftly and conveniently restore files in case of accidental deletions or modifications.

Keep your photos organized:

Effortlessly utilize user-friendly management tools to backup and arrange photos, videos, and other visual assets. Let the system automatically categorize your content into albums and generate secure share links for colleagues and stakeholders.

Synchronize data between sites:

Collaborate efficiently without significant performance disruptions by employing site-to-site file syncing. You can configure it to automatically synchronize individual files or folders between Synology devices, ensuring smooth access to files from local devices.

Manage data with the power of the cloud:

Minimize your on-site storage requirements and take advantage of high-speed data center networks with hybrid cloud technology. Synology Hybrid Share introduces automatic cloud tiering, enabling most data to reside in the cloud, with frequently accessed files cached locally on your Synology DS224+ for rapid LAN-speed access.

Back up workstations, smartphones, cloud apps, and more:

Streamline and automate backup operations for workstations, file servers, virtual machines, SaaS applications, and more using the Active Backup Suite. Manage device backups from a centralized portal, even remotely, and efficiently recover individual files or complete devices to ensure uninterrupted business operations. Leverage the integrated remote backup solutions tailored to safeguard your data with smooth 3-2-1 backup configurations.

Perform full Synology system backups:

Safeguard all your data, applications, and settings on your Synology systems by implementing thorough scheduled backups to local and remote servers, external drives, or cloud storage locations, such as Synology C2 Storage.

Protect folders and LUNs with snapshots:

Set up effective point-in-time snapshots for shared folders and LUNs at intervals as brief as 5 minutes. Allow users to independently restore earlier file versions, expedite VM recovery, and duplicate snapshots to another server for swift storage failover advantages. Enhance data integrity protection with immutable snapshots.

Synology Surveillance Station:

Securing your business is now more convenient than ever, thanks to centralized management, compatibility with over 8,300 IP camera models, and remote monitoring and playback capabilities. Synology's video management system offers a comprehensive suite of tools for real-time monitoring, investigation, administration, and data backup.

Dual recording to the cloud:

With C2 Surveillance, you can maintain access to surveillance footage even if your recording server becomes unavailable. This is achieved by simultaneously recording to your local server and the C2 cloud. The use of end-to-end encryption safeguards video streams from unauthorized access, and the low latency recording feature allows you to review the critical moments in the seconds leading up to the loss of the recording server.

Btrfs: advanced file system for data protection:

The Synology DS224+ is powered by the Synology DiskStation Manager (DSM) operating system, which incorporates the advanced Btrfs file system. This Btrfs file system not only protects your data from corruption but also enables the recovery of unintended or malicious alterations through the utilization of snapshot technology.

Performance backed by Synology drives:

Utilize specially designed drives for Synology systems to take advantage of their exceptional sustained performance and reliability.

Synology DS224+ (DS224__Data_Sheet_enu.pdf, 1,196 Kb) [تحميل]

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