​Intel Core I5-11400F​ - ​Asus Prime H510M-E- HP EX900 Plus 256GB NVMe SSD - Team Group T.Froce delta rgb ddr4 8gb 3200mhz cl16 white - Msi GeForce RTX 3060 Ventus 2X 12G OC - DeepCool MATREXX 40 3FS Case - Deepcool PF650 80 PLUS Power Supply

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Computer Components
Asus Prime H510M-E
Intel Core I5-11400F
Team Group T.Froce delta rgb ddr4 8gb 3200mhz cl16 white
HP EX900 Plus 256GB NVMe SSD
VGA Card
Msi GeForce RTX 3060 Ventus 2X 12G OC
Power Supply
Deepcool PF650 80 PLUS
DeepCool MATREXX 40 3FS Essential Micro-ATX Case

Intel Core I5-11400F Desktop Processor - Asus Prime H510M-E Motherboard - HP EX900 Plus 256GB NVMe SSD - Team Group T.Froce delta rgb ddr4 8gb 3200mhz cl16 white - Msi GeForce RTX 3060 Ventus 2X 12G OC Graphic Card - DeepCool MATREXX 40 3FS Essential Micro-ATX Case - Deepcool PF650 80 PLUS Standard Power Supply

Intel Core I5-11400F Desktop Processor:

11th Gen Intel Core i5-11400F desktop processor.

Engineered for play:

Intel’s latest desktop processor architecture and fast clock speeds deliver high frame rates and low latency for competitive play and more immersive experiences.

Works hard, too:

The improved productivity of the 11th Gen Intel Core processors will help you get your work done fast and back in the game in no time.

Game for a crowd:

The efficient multi-threaded performance of the 11thGen Intel Core processors allow you to maximize your streaming quality and maintain high FPS while gaming.


Max clock speed Up to 4.4 GHz

Base clock speed 2.6 GHz

Cores/Threads 6/12

Unlocked and overclockable(1) No

Boost technology Intel Turbo Boost Technology 2.0


Intel Smart Cache 12M

Motherboard compatibility 400 and 500 series(2)

Discrete graphics required Yes

Asus Prime H510M-E Motherboard

This micro ATX motherboard supports Intel's LGA 1200 socket and is compatible with both 11th and 10th Generation Intel processors. It offers high-speed connectivity with features like PCIe 4.0, a 32Gbps M.2 slot, Intel 1 Gb Ethernet, and USB 3.2 Gen 1 Type-A ports. Additionally, it includes effective cooling solutions with a PCH heatsink and Fan Xpert technology. To ensure the safety and reliability of your system, it incorporates 5X Protection III, which comprises multiple hardware safeguards for comprehensive protection. The motherboard also provides various display options, including DisplayPort, HDMI, and D-Sub, as well as support for SATA 6Gbps, a COM header, and an RGB header for customization.


ASUS Prime series motherboards are carefully crafted to maximize the capabilities of Intel's 10th and 11th Generation processors. With a sturdy power design, effective cooling solutions, and smart tuning features, the PRIME H510M-E motherboard offers a variety of performance enhancement choices to both everyday users and those building their own PCs. These options are accessible through user-friendly software and firmware features, making it a great choice for tuning your system's performance.

Tune It Your Way:

The ASUS Prime series is built on a foundation of comprehensive controls. In the case of the Prime H510 motherboard, it comes equipped with versatile tools that allow you to fine-tune every aspect of your system. These tools empower you to make performance adjustments that align with your work style, thereby optimizing productivity to the fullest extent.

Tune It Your Way:

The ASUS Prime series is built upon a solid base of extensive controls. Within the Prime H510 motherboard, you'll find a variety of adaptable tools that provide the means to fine-tune all aspects of your system. These tools allow you to make performance adjustments that are tailored to your specific work style, resulting in optimized productivity.


The well-regarded ASUS UEFI BIOS offers a complete set of tools for configuring, adjusting, and optimizing your system. It presents user-friendly options for those new to PC DIY, while also delivering advanced features for experienced enthusiasts.

Advanced Tuning for Serious Tweakers:

The UEFI provides an intuitive Advanced mode that grants you full control over your system. With a built-in search feature, you can effortlessly locate the settings you need, and a range of advanced functions enables you to make precise adjustments, allowing you to fine-tune the performance to your exact preferences.

Search Function:

Efficiently and swiftly locate the specific option or configuration you require.

ASUS User Profile:

Transfer port configuration settings between varying BIOS versions or share them with your peers.

Quick and Simple Setup:

The EZ mode presents essential settings and system statistics. It also provides user-friendly wizards, drag-and-drop features, and one-click application of critical configurations, all designed to facilitate a quick and straightforward setup of your system.

Intuitive Graphical Fan Control:

Easily customize specific fan settings by using a mouse to adjust a curve.


Enhance DRAM performance with a single click.

Cool to the Core:

The Prime H510 series is designed with a variety of hybrid fan headers, ensuring that your system remains cool and stable even during demanding workloads.

Cooler by Design:

The Prime H510 series offers extensive cooling management options that you can configure either through the Fan Xpert software or within the UEFI BIOS.

Multiple Temperature Sources:

Each 4-Pin PWM/DC fan header has the ability to actively monitor three thermal sensors. Using Fan Xpert, you can link the temperature of compatible ASUS graphics cards, optimizing cooling for tasks that put a strain on both the GPU and CPU.

4-Pin PWM/DC Fan:

Each onboard header is compatible with both PWM and DC modes.

M.2 (up to 32 Gbps)

The M.2 slot is capable of achieving data transfer speeds of up to 32 Gbps, utilizing the x4 PCI Express 3.0 bandwidth. This allows for faster boot-up and quicker loading times for operating systems or applications when using M.2 drives.

PCIe 4.0:

ASUS H510 motherboards are tailor-made for 11th Generation Intel Core processors, providing PCIe 4.0 connectivity to support the latest GPUs. With their wide bandwidth and exceptionally fast data transmission speeds, these motherboards enable you to build systems with abundant features, capable of effortlessly handling demanding workloads.

USB 3.2 Gen 1 Type-A

A multitude of USB ports are available to accommodate high-end systems equipped with various peripherals. These include rear-panel USB Type-A connectors that offer speedy USB 3.2 Gen 1 connectivity, particularly suitable for compatible cases.

Small Details Make a Big Difference:

The Prime H510 series incorporates subtle enhancements that elevate the overall user experience. It features exclusive codecs that deliver exceptional audio quality, allowing you to personalize your system and craft a distinct and individualized appearance.

Armoury Crate:

Armoury Crate is an innovative software utility created to offer you centralized management of compatible products through a user-friendly interface. It allows you to control settings for various ASUS products, such as keyboard and mouse preferences. Additionally, this software includes convenient product registration and highlights to keep you connected with the ASUS community.

SafeSlot Core:

SafeSlot Core is an exclusive PCIe slot from ASUS, boasting a robust design securely attached to the motherboard through a unique hook mechanism. This innovative feature offers 1.6 times stronger retention and 1.3 times greater shearing resistance compared to standard expansion slots.

HP EX900 Plus 256GB NVMe SSD

The HP EX900 PLUS boasts swift, consistent, and precise performance with its 4-channel PCIe 3.0 master control and adherence to the NVMe 1.3 protocol standard. It delivers impressive read speeds of up to 3300 MB/s and write speeds of up to 2700 MB/s, resulting in faster game loading, reduced waiting times, and a noticeable enhancement in system responsiveness.

Utilizing high-quality 3D NAND flash technology, it effectively breaks the limitations of storage space, doubling the storage density compared to its predecessor. Available in capacities ranging from 128 GB to 2 TB, it comfortably accommodates large files and video games.

Prior to leaving the factory, the HP EX900 PLUS undergoes a series of demanding tests, including electrical, application, and compatibility assessments, to ensure the use of top-tier components. Furthermore, it comes with a five-year limited warranty and complimentary technical support services, reflecting a commitment to quality customer care.

Designed with an M.2 interface, the HP EX900 PLUS is broadly compatible with both Intel and AMD's next-generation platforms, making it a versatile choice for a wide range of mainstream desktop and laptop computers.


With its high-performance NVMe technology and 3D NAND Flash Memory, the HP EX900 PLUS M.2 drive maximizes the storage and speed capabilities of your devices. Offering capacities that range from 128 GB to an impressive 2 TB, the HP EX900 PLUS exceeds expectations and delivers outstanding performance.


When compared to the previous iteration, the latest EX900 PLUS M.2 SSD with a 1 TB capacity demonstrates remarkable improvements in read and write speeds, enhancing them by 53% and 49% respectively. This translates to an exceptionally smooth gaming experience.


The HP EX900 PLUS NVMe M.2 is specifically designed to cater to the demands of passionate gamers, elite system builders, world-class overclockers, and content creators who require elevated levels of performance.


Through our complimentary tailored edition of Acronis True Image, users can enjoy effortless data migration and backup. This cloning software possesses the capability to recover system operations in the event of a natural disaster or emergency, guaranteeing the safeguarding of data, as well as maintaining its security and privacy.

Broad compatibility enables you to reach popular platforms.

Equipped with the M.2 interface, the HP EX900 PLUS is compatible with the latest Intel and AMD platforms, making it a versatile choice for a wide range of desktops and laptops

Team Group T.Froce delta rgb ddr4 8gb 3200mhz cl16 white

Introducing the Team Group T.Force Delta RGB DDR4 8GB RAM, featuring a stunning 120° ultra-wide angle lighting design that covers the entire frame. This RAM module comes equipped with built-in Force Flow RGB lighting effects, elevating your system aesthetics. Its aluminum alloy heat spreader boasts an asymmetric minimalist design, while also providing efficient heat dissipation.

Moreover, the T.Force Delta RGB RAM supports ASUS Aura Sync software synchronization for seamless RGB integration with your setup. With the adoption of the latest JEDEC RC 2.0 PCB, it ensures reliable performance. Operating at an ultra-low voltage range of 1.2V to 1.4V, this RAM is energy-efficient.

Additionally, it offers support for XMP2.0 one-click overclocking technology for easy performance optimization. Rest assured, this RAM module is QVL approved by all leading motherboard manufacturers, ensuring compatibility with a wide range of systems.

Pursuing the perfect revolution:

The "R" on the heat spreader signifies "Revolution." This heat spreader is constructed using a lighter and thinner metal material. The distinctive "R" design has a three-dimensional quality and complements the expansive luminous area with an ultra-wide angle.

Full color, dazzling and 120° ultra wide angle force flow lighting effect:

The complete 120° ultra-wide angle luminous area at the upper part radiates vivid and colorful light. This light seamlessly transitions in color to offer gamers an exceptional visual experience, whether it's day or night.

Asymmetric minimalist design:

The single-piece, geometric line design gives the heat spreader a simplistic yet dynamic appearance, incorporating elements of the Cubist style from the modern art movement. This fusion represents a flawless blend of technology and aesthetics.

T-FORCE DELTA RGB Gaming Memory Modules Supports Variety Kinds of Controlled Software:

The Team GroupT-FORCE DELTA RGB memory module is compatible with ASUS Aura Sync, GIGABYTE RGB Fusion 2.0, MSI Mystic Light Sync, ASROCK-Polychrome Sync, and BIOSTAR Advanced VIVID LED DJ software. These software applications enable gamers to manage lighting effects and synchronize the lighting with the T-FORCE DELTA RGB luminous memory module. This capability results in the creation of a distinctive and captivating color scheme, providing an exceptional RGB system experience!

The transmitting performance can be greatly increased with JEDEC RC 2.0:

By utilizing the most recent customized JEDEC RC 2.0 circuit board, we've enhanced the separation between the power layer and the signal layer. In comparison to standard memory modules, this results in a 35% increase in signal transmission. This design ensures there is no interference between the power and signal components, ultimately delivering superior performance. It effectively optimizes the memory module's transmission capabilities, providing gamers with an unparalleled overclocking experience and a highly reliable overclocking memory module.

XMP2.0 1 step overclocking technology:

It's ready for plug-and-play use, making overclocking a breeze without the need for manual BIOS adjustments. Its compatibility extends to both Intel and AMD platforms, ensuring that gamers can effortlessly indulge in overclocking without any concerns.

Ultra low working voltage Save energy up to 40>#/span###

The DDR4 DELTA RGB operates at a low voltage range of 1.2 to 1.4V. This not only conserves energy but also helps lower the temperature and heat produced, ensuring stable and prolonged operation for high-speed memory.

QVL approved by motherboard manufacturers

Extensive compatibility tests have been conducted with a wide range of popular DDR4 motherboards, ensuring stability with all motherboards listed on the QVL (Qualified Vendor List). Consequently, you can purchase high-speed memory with confidence, as compatibility concerns are no longer an issue.

Msi GeForce RTX 3060 Ventus 2X 12G OC Graphic Card

Discover the MSI GeForce RTX™ 3060 VENTUS 2X 12G OC, a high-performance graphics card designed to elevate your gaming experience. Powered by NVIDIA's 2nd generation RTX architecture, this GPU boasts exceptional features, including enhanced Ray Tracing Cores, Tensor Cores, and a dual fan thermal design, making it a must-have for gamers and enthusiasts.

Amped-Up Performance:

The heart of the MSI GeForce RTX™ 3060 VENTUS 2X 12G OC beats with a powerful NVIDIA GeForce RTX™ 3060 graphics processing unit. With 3584 CUDA® cores and a core clock that can boost up to 1807 MHz, it delivers exceptional performance for today's demanding games. Thanks to its 12GB GDDR6 memory and a high-speed 192-bit memory bus, you can expect stunning visuals and seamless gameplay.

Cutting-Edge Display Capabilities:

Experience gaming like never before with the MSI GeForce RTX™ 3060 VENTUS 2X 12G OC. It offers an array of output options, including three DisplayPort and one HDMI port, with support for 4K@120Hz as specified in HDMI™ 2.1. Get ready to immerse yourself in the world of high-resolution, lifelike graphics and enjoy a breathtaking gaming experience.

Efficient Cooling and Silent Operation:

The VENTUS 2X 12G OC features MSI's signature TORX Fan 3.0 design, known for high static pressure and exceptional thermal performance. The dual-fan setup, along with a substantial heatsink, ensures efficient cooling, keeping your system quiet even during intense gaming sessions. The Zero Frozr technology stops the fans when temperatures are low, eliminating any unnecessary noise.

Unleash Your Overclocking Potential:

With the Afterburner Overclocking Utility, you can harness the full potential of the VENTUS 2X 12G OC. It supports multi-GPU setups and features OC Scanner, an automated tool that finds the highest stable overclock settings. The On Screen Display provides real-time performance information, and you can record your gameplay with Predator, making it an overclocker's dream.

Monitor and Optimize in Real-Time:

MSI's exclusive MSI Center software allows you to monitor, tweak, and optimize your graphics card and other MSI products in real-time. With Dragon Center, you have complete control, ensuring your hardware runs at its best. It's a powerful toolkit for gamers who want to fine-tune their gaming setup.

The MSI GeForce RTX™ 3060 VENTUS 2X 12G OC is a gaming powerhouse that combines cutting-edge technology, efficient cooling, and overclocking potential. Whether you're a competitive gamer or a content creator, this GPU offers the performance, reliability, and features you need to take your gaming and creative endeavors to the next level.

DeepCool MATREXX 40 3FS Essential Micro-ATX Case

The MATREXX 40 3FS Micro-ATX case offers substantial benefits within its compact design, providing excellent cooling capabilities for optimal airflow. It includes three tri-color LED fans and features a sturdy tempered glass panel.


The MATREXX 40 3FS allows for the installation of up to six 120mm cooling fans or four 140mm fans, and it can accommodate radiators of up to 280mm on both the top and front, offering a wide range of cooling setup options.


The MATREXX 40 3FS comes with three pre-installed 120mm fans, with two positioned at the front and one at the back. These fans feature a preconfigured tri-color LED setup, making it easy to power them up and instantly appreciate the visual effect.


The mesh panels located at the front and top of the case ensure ideal ventilation, facilitating the smooth circulation of a substantial volume of air within the chassis.


Enhance the quality of your build by adding a sleek, edge-to-edge tempered glass panel.


The MATREXX 40 3FS supports up to two 2.5" SSDs and two 3.5" HDDs through a removable drive cage.

Deepcool PF650 80 PLUS Standard Power Supply

The DeepCool PF Series Power Supply Unit provides dependable and consistent power performance at an economical price, ensuring both safety and stability with its 80 PLUS Standard efficiency certification.


It holds an 80 PLUS 230V EU Standard efficiency certification, guaranteeing 85% efficiency when operating under a typical 50% load. Improved efficiency results in reduced energy consumption and lower temperatures, leading to increased cost savings.


Designed for optimal noise control, the 120mm fluid bearing fan enhances the lifespan of the unit while minimizing friction and vibration.


The fixed flat black cables, characterized by their discreet and pliable nature, facilitate cable management and occupy minimal space within your system.

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