Your Wi-Fi network is too easy to hack? protect yourself


Your Wi-Fi network is too easy to hack? protect yourself

The researcher believes that it is very easy to get a Wi-Fi password.

Imagine being able to intercept Wi-Fi networks in your home country for more than two-thirds.

This is what happened to Israeli security researcher Edo Hurvich (opened in a new tab). Most.

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No fancy equipment needed:

This data collection tool was not just a powerful network card equipped with a free Ubuntu laptop and free Wi-Fix packet shooter and access to as many Wi-Fi networks as possible.

Hurvich used another free program called Hashcat to hack passwords.

"By the end of the study, I was able to easily hack the passwords of over 70% of hacked Wi-Fi networks," he added.

During his day-to-day work on security solutions provider Cyberark (Descendant is Tom's guide client), Hurwich was able to use the company's new passcode lab, eight Nvidia Quadro RTX 8000 graphics cards and can cost up to $ 40,000.

However, he cautioned that all password cracking can be done on a standard computer, possibly within 10 minutes of each password if you target one network.

Dismal passwords:

The fact is, most people and some companies use scary passwords to access Wi-Fi. Harvich noted that many Israelis (and 44 percent) use their cell phones as passwords for home Wi-Fi routers. We don't know why this happened, but it did give Horvich a good start.

Even in Wi-Fi networks that do not use mobile numbers, almost half (48%) use simple passwords to guess the scary ones that are normally seen on high passwords. Only 30% of the 5,000 access passwords were strong and could not be easily cracked.

How and why to have a strong Wi-Fi access password and a strong admin one too:

So what are you interested in? What is wrong with a neighbor's child using my Wi-Fi?

Many things can happen. A neighbor's child can use your network to download stolen movies and software, which can lead to legal consequences and even higher charges if your monthly data usage is restricted.

This child or other person may use network access to attack devices within your Wi-Fi router area, such as smart TVs, printers or old computers. Being in the network offers the attacker great benefits that are not available from outside.

“The bottom line is that within two hours and within $ 50, you can damage your privacy if your neighbor or assailant does not have a strong password,” Hurvich wrote.

Create long, strong and unique access passwords to prevent hackers from accessing your home Wi-Fi. If you have trouble creating and remembering these passwords, use one of the best password managers; Some are free.

Regularly check your home Wi-Fi logs to see which devices are recently connected to your network. Go for anything you do not know, and if not yours, use your network's administrative interface to block such devices.

If you can create a network "guest" section or secondary network for visitors. The guest network access password must be different from the original. To minimize the risk of being hacked, it may be best to place unsafe devices - smart TVs and other smart devices - on the guest network.

Disable remote administrative access from the Internet, disable Universal Plug and Play, this protocol makes it very easy for new devices to search for each other on the network.

First, make sure that the Wi-Fi administrator password is not the same as the access password, but that it is more secure. (Again you need one of the best password managers.)