​Which is better, a desktop or a laptop?


Which is better, a desktop or a laptop?

It's a good idea to first change your mind before you start seeing: no tool is better than another, and each has its own advantages. Your choice really depends on your needs and preferences at school and out of school. We'll cover the various issues that need to be considered in order to determine which side of the laptop / desktop partition you should be on, and you can list all the pros and cons to find the right computer for you. .

A laptop is a type of computer. It is no different from a computer, Before you study it, you need to know some basic facts about computers.

The argument for a laptop:

Laptops are a great choice for students who go out of school every day and need a classroom computer.

Laptops are more sensitive than desktops, and you can find compact laptops that can handle one or two drops without damage.

Laptops are best used for lighting work, reading, word processing, video streaming or social media. If you or your child want to roam freely while working at a computer, a fully charged laptop must stay at work or school all day.

We have a list of the best laptops for students and the best laptops for kids.

The argument for a desktop PC:

If you want a versatile computer, a desktop computer is for you. Desktop computers can easily store large files and play high quality graphics games. Desktops can be customized to suit your needs.

You can add more memory, RAM and better graphics card to improve your computer experience. Desktops also do not run on battery, so you can use them for a long time without stopping to plug and charge.

You can't easily take a desktop computer to school, and putting it on a student desk at school is a nightmare.

Desktops are great for homework or distance learning situations. The desktop computer can be used for learning and word processing during the school day and for games and entertainment during leisure time.

There are also all-in-one computers on the back of the screen. This means they are easy to transport and set up as they do not require as many cables as possible and also take up little table space. However, they are very expensive and are not as easy to upgrade as standard desktop computers.

There are 3 types of computers:

  • 1.Super computer
  • 2.Mainframe Computer
  • 3.Personal computers

 used for scientific research. Not allowed in public. A special permit is required to purchase it. This type of computer is very large and powerful.

 A computer with a central processing unit. In the past, when there was no internet, it was used at train stations. In this system, all CUPs are stored in the server compartment. There was a connection between each processor. Why do we need this now? Suppose you are booking a train ticket from Delhi to Hariya and Deli Station. At the same time, other people are booking tickets at the Deli station on the same counter or at the Ambala station. Seats are currently restricted. Suppose the first person is assigned a chair number 10. How do you know if the second person or the other person who bought the ticket got 10 seats? To avoid confusion, the main frames are entered. In modern times, we do not use a central computer because of the Internet. We store all ticket-related information on an online server. Anyone from anywhere can access the ticket booking data.

for personal use. No problem and less volume.

In the PC category. We have:

  1. Laptop
  2. Desktop

A computer with a large central processor located on a desk or desk is called a desktop.

Simply put, a mini desktop version is called a laptop. The laptop is designed to be easy to carry.

So a laptop and a desktop computer are both computers. I hope your confusion is gone.

Now the question is which is better? Laptop or desktop computer?

Both are based on different points of view.

  1. The laptop is portable, not desktop.
  2. Laptops are more expensive than desktops.
  3. Because the desktop is versatile, the laptop offers user-friendly enhancements. You can make all kinds of improvements you want.
  4. Desktop computers last longer compared to laptops.
  5. Desktop repairs are cheap, laptops are expensive. Desktop parts are cheap, and laptop parts are sometimes difficult. The desktop technician is everywhere except your laptop.
  6. If you want any program to run for a long time or your computer to run 10-12 hours straight, the desktop will win. Laptops are an easy task. The desktop has better ventilation, a fan in the processor! Provides better cooling. When the laptop has only one fan.
  7. Speed Fet Desktop wins based on speed. Because it is connected to AC power. That's why every part of it gets enough energy and works as best it can. The laptop is running on battery power. To continue using time and due to lack of energy, not every body can perform better. Their speed is limited.
  8. Availability of the latest components and software. It will appear on your desktop when you start a new computer or software. A month or a few days later, the company released a class or software m-version. So the desktop user gets early access. (Version M-M for mobile version)