What You Can Do with Intel- Based Laptops?


What You Can Do with Intel- Based Laptops?

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Work Where You Want on a Laptop PC:

Commercial laptops make your employees more efficient wherever they are - working on the road, in the field or at home. In order to choose the best laptops for your employees, you need to balance business needs with device types and features. For example, Intel vPro platform-based laptop hardware provides security features and remote management capabilities that make it easy to operate from anywhere.

Game Anytime, Everywhere with Laptop Computers:

If you want to play AAA games, you do not have to limit yourself to the desktop. The latest gaming laptops powered by Intel Core Processor are designed for the best gaming on the couch or on the go. Intel Turbo Boost Technology and Intel Performance Maximizer (Intel PM) can improve computer and graphics performance. With the latest low-speed, super-fast connection with the Intel Wi-Fi 6, the laptop game is now completely better.

Create Your Vision on a Laptop PC:

The performance you need to bring your creativity to life comes from laptops equipped with the latest Intel Core processor. It is built for high performance to handle tax processes such as 4K video editing, translation and transcoding, CAD and 3D modeling. Add mobility to those slim and easy options and you can go where your creative vision takes you.

Use Your Computer in Every Room in Your Home:

Buy a laptop for home use and use it in every room. Check out the recipes in the kitchen, watch movies in the living room and do homework in the office. Get the performance you want on an Intel-powered laptop, even for heavy tasks like construction and gaming.

Make a Laptop PC Your Classroom:

Students from elementary school to college and beyond need laptops that are easy to move from home to school. The right laptop makes it easy to take notes, complete tasks, browse the web, call friends or stream videos in Full HD. For example, Intel-enabled Chromebooks give students the ability to work and play at home, at school and anywhere.