What is Intel Smart Response Technology?

April 28, 2022

What is Intel Smart Response Technology?

Fast access to the files and applications you use most

Intel Smart Response Technology is a feature of Intel Rapid Storage Technology (Intel RST), a dual-drive, low-capacity, low-cost hard-state hard drive. Hard drive (HDD) or solid state hybrid drive (SSHD) provides high performance, low cost storage solution.

With dual drive storage solutions, Intel Smart Response technology recognizes and saves frequently used applications and data to the SSD, allowing you to maximize the maximum capacity of your hard drive. Create, operate, and play your entire digital library at no extra cost to a large SSD.

SSD is a new type of hard drive with a high performance solid state drive. Intel Smart Response Technology improves SSD performance by storing it on the built-in SSD, telling you what data to use most.

How it works:

Intel Smart Response Technology stores I / O blocks on SSD, which is more useful than accelerating, for example, applications, games, and data from the most commonly used operating system. This feature allows you to identify important or general information such as applications, users and downloads and low-cost information such as background functions. Low-cost data usually gives you no response and therefore is not cached. This enables you to make better use of the optional cache capacity and maintain good performance in a stable state when the system is shut down and restarted.

Easy to set up, Easy to use:

If you have a computer with only a hard drive that uses Intel fast storage technology, all you have to do is plug in the SSD or replace the hard drive with SSHD and enable disk acceleration. User interface makes it easy to install and manage. Intel Smart Response technology works with the oldest of any Solid State Drive (SSD) as long as it is at least 16 GB. Intel Smart Response technology works with most SSDs with at least 8GB of flash capacity.

Key Benefits:

Fast system launch, application performance and fast game installation 2.4

The best performance in storage solutions is in gigabytes.

Less power consumption than a standard hard drive

Ease of setup and maintenance