​What Is Intel Optane Memory?

April 27, 2022

What Is Intel Optane Memory?

Intel Optane Memory is a smart technology based on your Intel Core processor that adjusts and accelerates from system startup to application startup. Browse your most used documents, photos, videos and apps; Make them convenient for quick access; He remembers it even after he turned off the computer.

How Is Intel Optane Memory Different?

Intel Optane Memory responds to customizable, fast and low latency by identifying and preparing the most commonly used programs. He notices that even when your habits change over time, you will not miss a thing.

A Step Above the Rest:

There is no other memory that can adjust your system performance like Intel Optane Memory. Intel Optane Memory recognizes and remembers frequently used files, applications and games and provides instant access to them. As your computing habits change over time, Intel Optane Memory agrees to continue providing a faster user experience.

Powers What Matters:

Background drain is a thing of the past because it is a system that focuses on what you really want, when you really want it. Intel Optane Memory transfers power and data to programs that use it the most, so they work faster, respond faster and get the job done.

Game with Fast, Accelerated Access:

They live and breathe games and do not want to be distracted. To get the most out of the game, you need an Intel Core-based PC with NVMe-based Optane Memory.

Like an Exercise Regimen for Your Computer:

Your favorite editing software is expensive and large image and video files. You need a PC with Intel Optical memory to load frequently used files and wisely allocate them to the applications you want. You can be more efficient and focus on your creativity by using your computer as a well-equipped machine.

Take More On Your Device Can Handle It:

Call it impatience or modern life, you expect something immediately. Intel Optane Memory PCs are designed to help you and your PC navigate the digital world faster and easier. Enhance your PC with fast launch times, fast app launches, games and unparalleled browsing experience.