Standard MR18000 Gaming Keyboard

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Typing Feeling
Stroke Keys
Layout Size
USB Receiver, Cable
Easy-Switch Technology (Multi-device pairing)
Illuminated Keys
Palm Rest for added comfort
Phone or Tablet stand
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Windows, Linux, mac OS, Android
452.64 x 182.10 x 40.42 mm
991 g
1 Year
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Standard, MR18000, Gaming, Keyboard,

Keyboard Gaming – Mechanical - Metal Standard switch Blue buttons RGB 18 effect light Cable shield and strong copper 1.8M Works with (USB) plug

Best quality class A Designed for European market Works with (USB) plug Anti-rust, scratch resistance, integrated injection molding plastic bottom shell with double colors injection, keycaps are durable to ware, not easy to fade, multi-color optional. Key caps with greater responsiveness, key stoke 2.0MM

Adopt with mechanical switch design, 60 million switch life span, with greater durability and comfortable hand feel. With backlights for key caps and gaps, color uniform, with mix light or RGB light. Intelligent sleep mode: the backlight function is closed when the host enters sleep or standby mode. The backlight function recovers once the host startup. Humanized keyboard design, by use with FN, you can get a series of commonly used shortcut function keys.


  • Effect 1: gradually into the beautiful scenery. The keyboard shows the full backlight always bright, changes the color with the slow speed, completes the circulation among the colors red orange yellow green cyan blue purple.
  • Effect 2: Breathing mode. All keys lights in breathing mode.
  • Effect 3: Solid lighting mode.
  • Effect 4: default setting is without back light. After click the keys, the back lights like waves effect, then off smoothly. You can switch the back light by FN+del.
  • Effect 5: default setting is without back light, after click the keys, leave a trace, after releasing the keys, the trace will disappear smoothly. The default effect is 7 colors effect, FN+del to switch the back lights.
  • Effect 6: Once the button is triggered, the light is emitted from both sides of the button.
  • Effect 7: Such as mountains overlap, continuous, ups and downs change
  • Effect 8: The whole keyboard back light fast rhythm of regular lighting changes
  • Effect 9: It's snowing all over the sky
  • Effect 10: Go with the flow. Keyboard back light presents wavy fluctuation effect, running around
  • Effect 11: The keyboard changes color continuously from left to right (or vice versa)
  • Effect 12: Twists and turns. Ribbon as for the keyboard, zigzag rotation
  • Effect 13: All flowers bloom together .The whole keyboard is colorful and dynamic
  • Effect 14: The stars shining. The whole keyboard is colorful and dynamic
  • Effect 15: Colorful vertical and horizontal. The whole keyboard is colorful and dynamic
  • Effect 16: Plain sailing. The whole keyboard is colorful and dynamic
  • Effect 17: Swords into one. The whole keyboard is colorful and dynamic
  • Effect 18: Colorful springs swarming. Center is spring eye with keyboard, be like spring water to all round dazzle color to emerge move.
  • Game master mode and button custom Settings
  • 1. FN+1 :ESC,W,A,S,D,•,•,•,•
  • 2. FN+2 : A,S,D,W,,Ctrl,Shift,Alt,Space,R,G,Q,E,B,1-5,Tab
  • F1-F3, Home, End, PgUp, PuDn.
  • 3. FN+3 : Q,W,E,R,T,A,S,D,F,G,C,V,1-7,Ctrl,Shift .
  • 4. FN+4 : Q,W,E,R,A,S,D,F,1-7
  • 5. FN+5 : W,R,A,S,D,Ctrl,Alt,Shift, •,•,•,•.
  • Keyboard Specification:
  • size: 452.64(L)×182.10(W)× 40.42(H)±0.5mm
  • weight: 991±5g
  • interface:USB
  • keys :104 US
  • Total stroke of key:4.0mm
  • Strength of keys:60±10g
  • Operating voltage/current:VDD = 3.3V - 5.5V/ <250mA
  • Operation platform:
  • WinXP,Win2000,WinME,VistaWin7,Win8,Win10,Android,Linux, IOS operation platform

MR18000 (MR18000.pdf, 6,093 Kb) [Download]

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