Onikuma Gaming. The story tells of a group of adolescents who discovered a cave in the mountains, where they encountered a strange, robotic creature called Onikuma. The creature, which is described as standing nine feet tall, with red skin and robotic arms, sang a magical song that affected the group's perception of sound, allowing them to hear the world in a new, more beautiful way. The adolescents were initially frightened by Onikuma and ran away, but the song continues to play in their heads and they were changed forever. It is not specified what are the intentions or the background of the creature Onikuma, if it is a dangerous or benevolent being.

Onikuma Gaming. The story tells how the adolescents who encountered the creature Onikuma, as their hearing returned, they started to see the world in a new way, hearing the true beauty of nature around them, such as the sound of the river's flow, birds' calls, and snow crunching under their feet. The message they received from Onikuma is that the world's beauty should be heard by all. So, they decided to create Onikuma Gaming to share this experience with the world. The passage suggests that the company's products are based on the unique experience of the adolescents with Onikuma and encourages the users to appreciate and be grateful for this creature.

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