Logitech Meetup​ All-in-one Ultra-Wide lens for small rooms conference cam​

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Buy Logitech in egypt Meetup All-in-one Ultra-Wide lens for small rooms conference cam from Egypt laptop.

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Field of View
Diagonal: 120°
5x HD
+/- 25°
+/- 15°
Resolutions @ 30fps
4K Ultra HD video calling (up to 3840 x 2160 pixels @ 30 fps with customer-supplied USB 3.0 cable) 1080p Full HD video calling (up to 1920 x 1080 pixels @ 30 fps) 720p HD video calling (up to 1280 x 720 pixels @ 30 fps)
Recommended Room Sizes
Expansion Mic Number
1 Mic
Seats Number
Connectivity Type
400 x 85 x 104 mm
1.04 kg
2 Years
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All-in-one Ultra-Wide lens for small rooms conference cam

SPEAK EASY with Full Duplex & Advanced Beamforming:

Front-of-room alignment of voice and video is just the first step to natural conversations, Logitech PTZ Pro 2 also comes equipped with RightSound™ technologies, which include a beamforming mic array that captures speech. The beamforming mic array uses multiple microphones to focus on the speakers voice, while suppressing background noise, which results in a clearer and more natural-sounding audio.

Additionally, the camera of Logitech also has an auto-leveling feature for louder and software voices, which ensures that all participants are heard at the same volume level, regardless of how far away they are from the microphone. This feature makes it easy for everyone to hear and understand what is being said, even in large or noisy environments.

RightSound™ technologies also include noise suppression, which filters out background noise, such as air conditioning, traffic or other ambient noise. This feature ensures that the audio is clear and easy to understand, which makes for a more natural and engaging conversation. This feature makes PTZ Pro 2 an ideal solution for organizations that need to conduct video conferences in noisy or challenging environments.

RIGHTSIGHT Computer Vision:

MeetUp is equipped with RightSight™ computer vision technology, which automatically adjusts the camera position and zoom to find and frame people in the room. This feature makes it easy to capture the best video of the meeting or presentation, without the need for manual adjustments.

Unlike voice tracking systems that jump from person to person, RightSight frames everyone in the conversation, which provides a more comfortable and collaborative experience. This feature of Logitech in egypt ensures that everyone in the room is visible on the video call, which makes it easy for remote participants to see and hear everyone in the room. This makes the video conferencing experience more engaging and interactive, which is especially useful for meetings and presentations where multiple speakers or panelists are involved.

RightSight™ computer vision technology also includes facial detection, which can distinguish people from other objects in the room, and automatically adjust the camera angle to frame the person. This feature makes it easy to capture the best video, even in challenging lighting conditions, or when people are moving around the room.

Logitech in egypt


The MeetUp Video Conferencing Kit is a bundle that includes everything you need to build out small rooms for video meetings. It includes the Logitech MeetUp camera, a mini PC or Google Meet compute system, room-optimized software, and the Logitech Tap touch controller.

The MeetUp camera is designed for small rooms and huddle spaces, it has a wide-angle lens and a built-in speakerphone which allows you to see and hear everyone in the room. The mini PC or Google Meet compute system is a small, compact computer that can be mounted behind the display and connects to the internet, providing the necessary processing power for video conferencing.

The room-optimized software is designed to work seamlessly with the MeetUp camera and mini PC, providing an easy-to-use interface and advanced features such as automatic camera control, speaker tracking, and noise suppression. The Logitech in egypt Tap touch controller is a 10-inch touch screen controller that allows you to control the video conferencing software, adjust camera settings, and manage audio and video.

This bundle makes it easy to set up a small room for video conferencing and provides everything you need to get started, including the camera, computer, software, and controller.

MEETUP SCALE UP with Logitech Sync Device Management:

Logitech Sync is a cloud-based management tool that makes it easy to support and manage Logitech MeetUp in all of your rooms. It allows you to control and manage multiple MeetUp cameras and systems remotely, using a simple browser-based interface.

With Logitech Sync, you can easily monitor the status of your MeetUp systems, update firmware, and troubleshoot issues, all from a single, centralized location. This feature makes it easy to support MeetUp in all of your rooms while minimizing site visits and trouble tickets.

Additionally, Logitech in egypt Sync also provides detailed analytics and usage reports, which can help you understand how your MeetUp systems are being used, and identify any potential issues or areas for improvement. This feature allows you to optimize your video conferencing setup and ensure that it is running smoothly.

Overall Logitech Sync makes it easy to manage and support MeetUp systems, saving your time and effort, and ensuring that your video conferencing setup is running smoothly and efficiently.


Flawlessly body presenters to reduce heritage distractions. Zoom in on whiteboards and items so remote contributors can see what you notice. Thanks to its advanced 4K image sensor, video stays sharp and clean, even when you zoom in at the info.


Logitech MeetUp features exquisitely engineered, premium camera optics that seize a wide discipline-of-view with out distorting faces and furniture with a “fisheye” effect. Faces appearance natural, whiteboard writing stays legible, and instantly strains stay directly.


Logitech expansion Mic for MeetUp offers more flexibility in huddle room configurations. MeetUp's built-in beamforming mics are optimized for as much as four meters. To increase that range as much as five meters, add a diffusion Mic. So whether or not humans are seated at a desk, sitting against the wall, or taking walks across the room, expansion Mic for MeetUp way everybody will be heard.


Already related to your phone? Dialing into an audio conference? Pair MeetUp along with your smartphone or pill to experience terrific audio clarity, quantity, and variety that handheld devices cannot healthy.


While you want to adjust the volume, mute the microphone, or take manual control over digicam position, MeetUp' s far off manipulate makes use of radio frequency (RF) alerts for reliable and discreet manage from anywhere within the room. You can even download the free Logi far off app (to be had on iTunes) to govern MeetUp with an iPhone or iPad.


No drilling? No problem. By using attaching to the VESA mounting factors in the back of the display, the optionally available tv Mount for MeetUp helps you to function MeetUp above or under the show without drilling new holes.


Logitech RightSense™ proactive technologies are designed to make video meetings more effective and effortless. These technologies include RightSound, RightSight, and RightLight.

Right Sound optimizes the human voice and enhances conversational clarity. It uses advanced audio processing to filter out background noise, ensuring that the speakers voice is clear and easy to understand. Additionally, it also includes an auto-leveling feature that ensures that all participants are heard at the same volume level, regardless of how far away they are from the microphone.

RightSight automatically moves the camera and adjusts the zoom, so no one gets left out of the picture. It uses advanced computer vision technology to track the participants in the room and frame them in the camera's field of view. This feature ensures that everyone is visible on the video call, which makes it easy for remote participants to see and hear everyone in the room.

RightLight helps everyone look their best on camera, regardless of lighting conditions. It automatically adjusts the camera's brightness, contrast, and color saturation, to ensure that everyone is clearly visible on the video call, even in challenging lighting conditions. This feature ensures that the video is clear and easy to see, which makes for a more natural and engaging conversation.

Overall, RightSense™ technologies make video conferencing more effortless and effective. These technologies ensure that the audio and video are of high quality and makes it easy to see and hear everyone in the room.


Logitech in egypt MeetUp is TAA compliant.

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