"From Concept to Clip:

The Easiest Steps to Stunning Video Content"

JALINGA Professional video creation service with a Single Click:
Unleashing Creative Special Effects

JALINGA STUDIO Video Production Empower Your Storytelling:

Effortless Video Production with DIY Special Effects

JALINGA STUDIO Conference Video:

Mastering the Art of Solo Production Full Conference Video Production Made Easy

JALINGA STUDIO Live Streaming Mastery:

Unveiling Powerful Features Across Any Application

(Zoom, Teams, and Google Meet)

And More

JALINGA, A Complete Solution Ready To Use

Video Production Speed

Get the production of your videos immediately after registration ends.

40% to 60% faster in video production than before.

Low cost

No need for a camera crew. You have complete control over the sound while filming yourself. Easy to use graphics, interactions, and transitions while shooting. The lowest cost in the world of video shooting. The lowest cost for an integrated studio


Training on creating professional videos with specialists and technicians. Technical support training with our team. And training on Jalinga software updates

Professional Camera
Professional videos are filmed from here
The Teleprompter
Displays a script for the speaker - this is where the camera is located
Right lecturer screen
Through it, the lecturer can maintain visual contact to interact with the presentation tools
Touch Screen
It allows you to interact with display and writing tools while shooting
Server & Software
The Jalinga Studio program is installed on
Left Lecture Screen
Through it, the lecturer can maintain visual contact to interact with effective presentation tools
Displays what the viewer sees on the lecturer's right screen
You can choose white or black
Lighting sources
The group of light sources turns on and turns on automatically based on the selected settings
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Complete Control Over Recording

You are with Jalinga Studio

You don't need a crew to shoot, edit and post-process. Your video will be ready as soon as you press the "Stop" button.

Vlad S. invites to the WAE in Dubai on February 28-29

In this video, Vlad S. invites you to use JALINGA STUDIO to attend conferences in several countries through his application, through the website, or through the platform that is intended to be presented, with its simplicity and convenience, and making all things appear easy and simple in terms of using JALINGA tools directly for all scientists.
Jalinga video mechanics

Welcome to Jalinga Video Studio, the groundbreaking interactive video studio that is revolutionizing the content creation industry. At Jalinga Video Studio, we are proud to introduce the world's first interactive video studio, offering content creators a unique and innovative platform to unleash their creativity and produce engaging, interactive video content like never before.
Сreate a video in our automated studio in Dubai

In addition to cutting-edge technology, Jalinga Video Studio offers a team of experienced professionals who are dedicated to supporting and guiding content creators throughout the production process. Our studio is more than just a space, it is a collaborative environment where creativity flourishes and ideas come to life.
Jalinga Video Studio Wins Big at AV Magazine's AV Awards 2023!

Jalinga Video Studio is a leading provider of video production services in the Middle East. The company has been in business for over 10 years and has a reputation for producing high-quality, creative videos.
In 2023, Jalinga Video Studio was nominated for three awards at AV Magazine's AV Awards. The company won two of the awards, including:.

With Jalinga Studio, start shooting individually

  • Create educational videos, lectures, or openbox products

  • Live webinars and online events

  • Create employee training courses and company reports

  • Make marketing presentations and product videos

Features of Jalinga Interactive Studio

  • Brightness

    Create video courses that grab and keep the attention of customers, employees, or students from start to finish

  • Interactive

    Interactive Features: The touch-enabled interface allows for a range of interactive capabilities, from annotations to real-time adjustments, fostering seamless collaboration.

  • Comfortable And Flexible

    Open Locations and Maps. And view photos and videos without interrupting the recording

Who benefits with Jalinga Studio?

  • Entrepreneurs and business coaches

    • Make the interaction with your customers engaging from start to finish. Show graphics, presentation and animation of your product.
  • Teachers and professors

    • Get an unforgettable experience teaching the future with the transparent touch panel. Add your slides and formulas in real time.
  • Webinarhosts

    • Make your webinars engaging. Interact with photos and videos in your explanations and meet the needs of participants by writing handwritten notes.
  • Team leaders in companies

    • Create and share reports and educate your employees in a fast and effective way with the help of interactive videos.

We will start the filming process together in Egypt with Jalinga Studios

  • Selling an interactive studio

    We provide a complete studio and equip it with all the professional tools to become fully integrated in the shortest time, with full training and support

  • Training course

    Implementing the studio, our specialists will teach you how to use it

    We provide every new partner with access to training courses

  • support

    We provide technical support for the entire license period

  • Studio Rent

    Rent a professional interactive studio in Cairo and get professional interactive videos

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