Intel Evo: Are You Ready?


Intel Evo: Are You Ready?

Intel Evo is a new set of rules for the new era of ultrabook performance. Here's how Intel Evo will make sure your next laptop is always working and working all day.

The appearance of a new brand on any technology may surprise consumers: is this a new name for the same old idea or is it a real improvement over the previous one? With Intel Evo, we are pleased to announce that this is a big step forward that users can trust.

Intel Evo Laptop Manufacturers The Evo Badge is a new platform that must meet the minimum requirements if they want to use it on their devices in the near future. A.D. In 2011, Intel released the Ultrabook standard, setting high performance and battery life standards for thin and light laptops. Ten years later, the Intel Evo should be viewed from the same point of view.

While every laptop based on the Intel Evo platform certainly uses 11th Gen Intel® Core processors with Intel Iris Xe graphics process, it's not just a matter of "use the latest Intel processor and get a badge." When editing photos and videos, you can expect this device to be three times faster than a two-year-old laptop: 1. Jump forward.

Above all, Intel has set the exact standards that any laptop must test to meet the Intel Ivan standard. Not just about details, but also user experience.

Always at the ready:

One of the most obvious reasons to find a laptop on an Intel Evo platform is how fast it wakes you up. The laptop must be ready when you open the cover, and the normal alarm time requires less than a second. These points are very important for our perception of laptop performance, so we can understand them all quickly.

The fastest wireless connections on the market:

Each laptop based on the Intel Evo platform supports the latest Wi-Fi 6 standard super-fast wireless connection. If your router or desktop has not already been upgraded to Wi-Fi, this will still work fine, but in the case of upgraded to Wi-Fi 6, these laptops provide three times faster connectivity than standard Wi-Fi. fi. Fi2 If other devices are struggling to send information over the air.

The fastest wired connections:

Laptops based on the Intel Evo platform are equipped with Thunderbolt 4 connectors that send up to 40 Gbps data through the USB connection, which is a fast connection. Thunderbolt 4 supports all standard requirements for standard USB devices, HDMI connections and more. The necessary connection is always available. You also need to support charging your laptop via Thunderbolt port instead of any special connectors.

All-day battery plus fast charging:

Years ago we promised the world laptop batteries, but it's hard to know what you can do until you find and use them at home. All models with FHD displays on the Intel Evo must work for more than nine hours in real-life situations 3 - comfortable after a normal working day, even if you do not take a full day off.

Enabling instant charging ensures that you can return to work quickly when you need to charge. The Evo platform requires 30 minutes of battery charging (with FHD displays) to recharge up to four hours of battery life.

Best in class video and audio:

Last year we all learned a lot about the benefits of a good screen, a built-in camera and the best speakers in our PC. With Intel Evo, you can be sure that your laptop has a 1080p or higher screen and a 720p or higher HD webcam to make your web conference videos clearer and clearer. All of the above performance tests are also based on a 250 nt brightness screen, which is a constant level of brightness for any indoor use environment. On top of all that, even the microphones and speakers must meet the minimum quality standards, and choosing an Intel Ion based laptop will ensure that everything looks good.

Always above average:

Other minimum requirements for testing Intel ion make sure you never find the hidden part of your laptop at a low price. You always get at least 8GB of dual-channel RAM, at least 256GB of fast NVMe SSD storage and biometric access options.

Laptops based on the Intel Evo platform are available from all major brands - HP, Dell, Acer, Lenovo, Asus and others. These manufacturers and Intel have worked closely to implement this new standard in everyday life over the next decade. Having a high-performance, high-performance startup that you can count on makes Intel ion the best startup tool when you know you're looking for something to take in the future.

At retailers, you will find laptops based on a large Intel Evo platform to simplify things and see what works for you, including Harvey Norman and JB Wi-Fi.