​Intel drone light shows

April 27, 2022

Intel drone light shows

We have years of experience creating shows that engage audiences, engage customers and create waves in the social media world. From concerts and product launches to sports events and film premiere, our professional team offers award-winning performances throughout the night.

The World’s Biggest Brands Trust in the Power of Intel:

Companies have chosen to partner with us because we have hosted more than 1,000 exhibitions in more than 23 countries, meet all industry safety standards, and have earned the trust of international aviation authorities.

Make an Impact that Reverberates Around the World:

We work with advertising agencies, event planners, manufacturing companies, corporations and travel boards to provide rewarding deals that increase product value and increase your marketing revenue.

Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games:

The famous 3D sphere, which shocked spectators from all over the world at the Olympic Stadium, is a spectacular display at the opening ceremony.

St. Patrick’s Festival:

Flying the sky over Dublin with 500 incredible drones, the Orchestra of Light was commissioned by special festival organizers to deliver a message of hope to the world.

Walmart Holiday Show:

Created in collaboration with Walmart, this multi-city tour and live broadcast will delight families from the beach to the beach, with a view to celebrating the festive lights.

Leading the Industry with Advanced Drone Technology:

Premium Drones: Our next-generation premium aircraft have brighter, faster, and improved animation accuracy. With four LEDs, the increased brightness makes it ideal for areas with high ambient light, such as cities and stadiums.

Classic Drones: Our classic drones have taken center stage at high profile performances such as the opening ceremony of the XXIII Olympic Winter Games and have impressed spectators for years. These budget-friendly drones are an excellent choice for areas with low ambient light and ample seating.

Technology Powered by Intel:

The advanced performance, animation and control software developed by Intel specifically for our products enables our world-class creative team to quickly capture, test and capture 3D images. This software helps you secure your work by automatically displaying conflict-free directions and controlling hundreds, sometimes thousands of drones from one computer.

Spectacular Experiences:

By providing cost-effective options for different budgets, our team will work with you to maximize your storytelling opportunities. We've come here to help you with years of creative, technical and logistical experience, from photo selection to the best number of drones.