Intel Core I5-11400 Tray Processor - Msi H510M-A Pro Motherboard - Crucial 16GB 2 x 8GB 3200GHz Ballistix Ram - Lexar 256GB M.2 SSD - Palit Dual Nvidia RTX 2060 12GB GDDR6 Graphic Card - Cougar VTE 600W PSU - Deepcool MACUBE 110 Micro ATX Case

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Brand :
Computer Components
Msi H510M-A Pro
Intel Core I5-11400 Tray
Crucial Ballistix 16GB Kit (2 x 8GB) DDR4-3200MHz
Lexar 256GB M.2 SSD
VGA Card
Palit Dual GeForce RTX 2060 12GB Graphic Card
Power Supply
Cougar VTE 600W PSU
Deepcool MACUBE 110 Micro ATX Case

Intel Core I5-11400 Tray Processor - Msi H510M-A Pro Motherboard - Crucial 16GB 2 x

8GB 3200GHz Ballistix Ram - Lexar 256GB M.2 SSD - Palit Dual Nvidia RTX 2060 12GB

GDDR6 Graphic Card - Cougar VTE 600W PSU - Deepcool MACUBE 110 Micro ATX Case

Intel Core I5-11400 Tray Processor:

11th Gen Intel Core i5-11400 desktop processor.

Engineered for play:

Intel’s latest desktop processor architecture and fast clock speeds deliver high frame rates and low latency for competitive play and more immersive experiences.

Works hard, too:

The improved productivity of the 11th Gen Intel Core processors will help you get your work done fast and back in the game in no time.

Game for a crowd:

The efficient multi-threaded performance of the 11thGen Intel Core processors allow you to maximize your streaming quality and maintain high FPS while gaming.


Max clock speedUp to 4.4 GHz
Base clock speed2.6 GHz
Unlocked and overclockable(1)No
Boost technologyIntel Turbo Boost Technology 2.0
Intel Smart Cache12M
Motherboard compatibility400 and 500 series(2)

Msi H510M-A Pro Motherboard:

Supports 10th Gen Intel Core, 11th Gen Intel Core, Pentium Gold and Celeron processors for LGA 1200 socket Supports DDR4 Memory, up to 3200(Max) MHz Core Boost: With premium layout and digital power design to support more cores and provide better performance. DDR4 Boost: Advanced technology to deliver pure data signals for the best performance and stability. Lightning Fast Experience: PCIe 4.0 Turbo M.2: Running at PCI-E Gen3 x4 maximizes performance for NVMe based SSDs Audio Boost: Reward your ears with studio grade sound quality Steel Armor: Protecting VGA cards against bending and EMI for better performance, stability and strength.

Business Elegance:

User Friendly Design:

MSI Motherboards provide users with a variety of ergonomic and intelligent designs, and countless system adjustments and troubleshooting tools to take your system to new heights and satisfy even the most demanding configuration tools. This makes it very easy to install the motherboard without any problems.

FROZR AI Cooling:

Determines CPU and GPU temperatures and adjusts system value using MSI AI Engine.

Fully controllable In BIOS And Software:

MSI Motherboards allow you to control the speed and temperature of all system and CPU fans. Total Fan Control allows you to check the main features of the system in a simple graphical interface. You can also set up to 4 temperature targets for the CPU and motherboard, which automatically adjusts fan speed.

EZ Debug LED:

Am I in trouble? Built-in LED indicators for major components indicate where the problem came from, so you know exactly where you want it to work again.


11th GEN Core Processors Support Extreme Stability & Compatibility Testing For Memory WINDOWS 10 Certified

Fortify Your System With PCI-E Steel Armor:

MSI PCI Express Steel Armored Slots have additional sales points to support the weight of heavy graphics cards on the motherboard. When each game feature is needed, Steel Armor protects the access point from electromagnetic interference.

Ultimate Motherboard Protection:

Double ESD protection doubles the ground cover around the mounting holes, preventing damage to the motherboard from static electricity.


The most important thing about DIY is measurement. MSI PRO series motherboards have great potential to meet the needs of consumers. Stable LAN, fast storage, USB data transfer speed and other expandable links are ready to expand your flexibility.

Low Latency Gaming LAN Powered By Intel:

Stay connected to Intel LAN, optimized for stable Internet bandwidth and competitive games online.

Optimize Network For Lower Latency:

The MSI LAN Manager automatically classifies slow-paced applications and prioritizes delivering the best Internet experience with minimal delay.

Fast And Future-Ready Storage:

MSI PRO series motherboards support the latest storage standards, allowing users to connect to any super-fast storage device. High efficiency makes your job easier.

USB 3.2 GEN 1:

Transfer large amounts of data, music, and movies via USB. USB 3.2 Gen 1 ports are located on the front and back panels and offer a variety of options for connecting USB 3.2 Gen 1 devices.

Experience More:

MSI PRO series motherboards are designed for any professional workflow. Increase the enjoyment of listening and enjoy superior sound quality. In addition, if you have years of experience in building easy-to-use performance enhancement tools, you will only get high quality apps at your fingertips. General features allow you to customize your system for maximum reliability.

Lightning GEN 4 PCI-E:

MSI Lightning Gen 4 PCI-E is the latest and fastest PCI-E data transfer solution with 64 Gb / s bandwidth, which is more than double the previous generation. PCIe 4.0 supports back and forth compatibility with old and new specifications. With metal armor construction, your motherboard can support the weight of heavy graphics cards.

Extreme Stability & Compatibility Testing:

MSI scans the most popular brands' memory to make sure your system is stable no matter what. Memory module Our partners include brands such as Corsair, Crucial, Kingston, G.Skill and others to improve memory modules and configurations. 

Core Boost:

Core enhancement technology combines MSI premium design with optimized power consumption for faster and more seamless streaming to the CPU. It creates not only a multi-core processor but also a convenient way to shut down your processor.


DEDICATED HIGH DEFINITION AUDIO PROCESSOR: Make sure you enjoy the purest sound quality in both stereo and surround sound. HIGH QUALITY AUDIO CAPACITORS: Studio-level headphones provide exceptional acoustics and authenticity for high quality audio. HD AUDIO CONNECTORS: Increase your volume by delivering a clear digital signal.

Isolated Audio Signal:

ISOLATED AUDIO DESIGN: Like a special sound card, sound units and circuits are housed in a motherboard enclosure and are electrically insulated. SEPARATED AUDIO LAYERS FOR CLEAN LEFT & RIGHT CHANNELS: Using different layers in the PCB ensures the same clear sound quality for left and right audio channels.

DE-POP Protection:

It protects your ears by eliminating annoying noises when you plug in your amplifier or turn on your computer.

BIOS And Software:

MSI CENTER: The new MSI Center integrates MSI software tools from MSI into a single application. Manage advanced motherboard features and get endless opportunities.

Click BIOS 5:

CREATOR GENIE: Find out more about the easy-to-use BIOS. Customize your motherboard for game performance, efficiency, or world-class finish! XMP: Increase your processor quickly by pushing a button to increase performance. M-FLASH: Select from the predefined XMP profiles and automatically erase the corresponding DDR memory. HARDWARE MONITOR: Simply turn on or update your BIOS in minutes with CMOS Setup Utility. Quickly access critical hardware information in real time, including temperature, memory size, clock speed and voltage. MEMORY TRY IT: Get the best speed from your system memory and get more performance. SEARCH & FAVORITES: The Always and Favorite Search option at the top right will quickly guide you through the BIOS menu.


 is an advanced PCI Express feature that allows the CPU to access the entire GPU framework at once and improve performance.

System Safety:

All MSI PRO series motherboards have a BIOS security feature that protects all your personal files in the workplace and in everyday life. Secure Boot: Secure Boot is a security measure that only allows a device to be installed with trusted software. When the computer starts, it verifies the signature of all part of the boot program, including UEFI firmware drivers, EFI applications and the operating system. As long as the signatures are correct, the computer will boot.

Crucial Ballistix 16GB Kit (2 x 8GB) DDR4-3200MHz Ram:

Modern Design:

Anodized aluminum heat spreader available in black, white, or red. Low-profile form factor is ideal for smaller or space-limited rigs.

Bold RGB Effects:

Customize your rig’s color scheme with 16 RGB LEDs in 8 zones on each Crucial Ballistix RGB module.

Ideal for laptop gamers:

Crucial Ballistix SODIMM memory is ideal for laptop gamers and performance enthusiasts. Aluminum heat spreader included for thermal management in a compact space.

Redefine Game Performance:

XMP 2.0 support and pre-defined profiles let you overclock2 to extract maximum performance. Select the JEDEC default profile for standard performance.

Compatibility Tested:

We work with AMD and Intel, as well as motherboard designers and system builders, to ensure our memory is optimized for high performance.

Precision Parts:

As the manufacturer of memory components, we do more than bin parts. We optimize performance at the die level.

Lexar 256GB M.2 SSD:

256GB LEXARLNM620SSD Designed for intensive workloads, the Lexar NM620M.2 2280 PCIe Gen3x4 NVMe SSD offers the next level of performance for fast lanes with read speeds up to 3300MB / s and speeds of 3000MB / s... It features the PCIe Gen3x4 NVMe 1.4 technology standard and is designed with the latest 3D NAND flash.

Palit Dual Nvidia GeForce RTX 2060 12GB GDDR6 Graphic Card:

The Palit GeForce RTX 2060 12GB comes with a classic dual fan design that includes two 90mm smart fans and an optimized thermal solution for improved airflow and heat dissipation efficiency. This model provides low temperatures, minimal noise, and maximum stability for gamers and content creators to enjoy competitive performance.

Dual Fan:

The dual fan design doubles the cooling efficiency, and the 9cm-9cm smart fan effectively dissipates heat from the hotspot.


Originally available only on high-end server processors, DrMOS is now fully available on next-generation Palit graphics cards. DrMOS offers high current circuitry, low noise and effective heat reduction.

Palit's new Thunder Master has been upgraded from previous versions. It has a more user-friendly interface and more customizable options. With ThunderMaster you can control your graphics card, from overclocking and fan speed settings to LED effects. You can also use the ThunderMaster utility to monitor the status of your GPU.

NVIDIA Turing Architecture:

The GeForce RTX ™ graphics card is based on the all-new Turing GPU architecture and RTX platform. This brings up to 6x the performance of previous generation graphics cards, bringing real-time ray tracing and AI to the game.


Innovation without compromise. Studio combines an NVIDIA GeForce® GPU with a dedicated NVIDIA Studio driver designed to accelerate creative applications. Unleash incredible performance and reliability, and create incredible speed.


GeForce RTX ™ has a dedicated hardware encoder that opens up the possibility of simultaneous playback and streaming with superior quality. The RTX graphics card is optimized for your favorite streaming applications such as Open Broadcaster Software (OBS) and offers the best live streaming performance.

Real-Time Ray Tracing In Games:

Ray tracing is an ideal solution for realistic lighting, reflections and shadows, providing realism far beyond what traditional rendering methods can achieve. NVIDIA Turing ™ is the first GPU to support real-time ray tracing.

Game Ready Drivers:

Get the highest level of performance and a smooth gaming experience right from the start.


Experience next-generation VR performance, minimal latency, and plug-and-play compatibility with the best headphones with NVIDIA VRWorks ™ technology. With VR audio, physics and tactile sensation, you can hear and feel every moment.


Capture and create in-game screenshots that can be viewed in 360 degrees. Capture screenshots from anywhere, adjust with post-processing filters, capture high-resolution 4K HDR photos and share them 360 degrees using your mobile phone, PC, or VR headset.

Cougar VTE 600W PSU:

Deepcool MACUBE 110 Micro ATX Case:

Keeping the best details of the MACUBE line and condensed for a smaller form factor makes for a nice and tidy build.

Refined minimalism design
Magnetic tempered glass side panel
Mesh top panel
Support up to six 120mm or four 140mm cooling fans
Support radiators up to 280mm on top and in front
Removable drive cage
Adjustable GPU holder included

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