​Intel® Adaptix ™ Technology


Intel® Adaptix ™ Technology


Intel® Adaptix ™ Technologies is a collection of 5 advanced technology packages, each with its own set of Intel processors and other form factor enhancements to enhance PC performance and user experience. Intel has been providing tools for configuring and upgrading computer systems for many years. These tools offer the ever-increasing benefits of improvement, and we can better demonstrate their overall impact by grouping them under one name. Not only does Intel have the most advanced hardware technology in the world, but it also has the latest IP performance software and helps original manufacturers and customers understand, including customization and overloading, as well as new features and performance. With these free tools, the original equipment manufacturers can get the best PC performance optimization tools of the industry, and all consumers will enjoy improved performance and enjoyment by customizing their PCs according to their needs.

Intel Deep Link:

Intel Dip Link now uses integration between Intel chips and software to unlock options available with Intel discrete graphics and Intel processors. This technology allows users to take advantage of new Intel systems to increase productivity and improve games and streams. It does this by seamlessly integrating media and demand-based workloads using the power of multiple Intel processors working together to provide high-quality experience for fast performance. It also includes the ability to dynamically distribute power between the processor and the disk graphics core and unlock the full capacity of both cores.

Intel® Variable Adjustment Technology:

 Dynamic Tuning has consistently expanded over the past 10 years, including the machine learning algorithms introduced at Computex 2019. This software, in conjunction with hardware and sensors, allows the CPU and platform to deliver high performance across system limitations. This program allows original engineers to maximize performance by keeping Intel processors in high power mode for longer periods of time. This is done by identifying system variables such as Tskin Temperature, Power (AC or DC), Usage Status, Current CPU Status, etc. and then modifying the CPU power levels to the maximum set by the hardware manufacturer. To make it easier for design engineers to quickly configure and optimize, DTT provides a simple user interface. The user interface is only available to the original ODM customers and is not intended to be edited by the end user. Variable customization software is only available to original manufacturers and ODM customers and is not intended for use by end users.

Intel® Graphics Command Center:

Launched in March 2019, the Intel® Graphics Command Center is the ultimate user of ground-based GUI for players. Ease of use was Intel's thinking center. Therefore, it is redesigned to make it easier to learn. We've included some useful tutorials in the software to make it easier for end users to know what the settings are doing. Intel Graphics Command Center makes it easy to configure display and video settings as well as game settings. The standard Windows settings include many new settings that the panel does not allow.

Intel® Performance Maximizer Processor:

Intel's unique free-time compression software makes it easy to configure the 9th Gen Intel® Core ™ processor with flexible and secure performance. Other automated overload software does not take into account the individual performance capabilities of a particular processor and generalized overcrowding based on the information previously provided.

Intel® Extreme Tuning Utility:

Intel XTU is a free  Windows based performance optimization software that allows both beginners and experienced fans to upgrade, control, and optimize their system. The API features many powerful features common to most fan platforms, along with new features on the new Intel Processor and Intel Motherboard.