Cisco 24 Port 10/100 Smart Switch / SF200-24

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  • This comparison of web-managed SMB switches from Cisco, Hewlett-Packard, D-Link and Netgear is organized in seven sections of analysis and testing including Performance, Resiliency and Security, Ease of Use, Key Features, Energy Efficiency, Scalability and Capacity, and Cost of Ownership. We examined products in the Cisco SF300, SG300, and SG200 model families, and compared them to products in the D-Link DES-3052, HP E2510, E2620 family, E2810, V-1810, V1910, and Netgear GSM7224P, GS724TP families. Performance (p10) The performance measured full mesh throughput at wire speed to determine the maximum throughput each switch could sustain without incurring frame loss. We also verified that each switch can build to their stated MAC address table size. The CPU utilization was observed and recorded while each switch was learning MAC addresses. Resiliency and Security (p14) Resiliency and security of the switches were evaluated using a series of attacks including DoS attacks. The overall switch functionality and switch management responsiveness was observed during these attacks. Each switch with built in security protection measures were tested with and without DoS protection enabled to measure their countermeasure effectiveness. Ease of Use (p15) Switch administration testing was conducted to determine the ease-of-use in performing routine tasks involving manual configuration of specific parameters while noting the level of support provided by the web interface versus traditional CLI. We compared the relative ease or difficulty on a switch-by-switch basis. Some of the features that were configured included ACLs (Access Control Lists), VLANs, and Static IP Routing. Key Features (p23) A comparison of key switch features considered important for the SMB market, including IPv6 transition support, was performed on each switch to determine the level of support provided. Energy Efficiency (p24) The overall energy consumption of the device was measured. Energy saving features were enabled for comparison to determine which device provided the greatest overall energy savings. For those switches that support energy saving features, we calculated the percentage of power saved compared to energy saving options turned off. Of the three vendors, only Cisco currently offers managed SMB switch products which support IEEE 802.3az EEE (Energy Efficient Ethernet); the HP, D-Link and Netgear switches provided by Cisco for this evaluation did not have this feature. EEE is an innovative way of reducing the power consumption of network devices based on real-world traffic patterns, and end-user behaviors .

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