APC PM6-GR 6 Outlets 230V Essential SurgeArrest

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2 Years Replacement


6 Outlets 230V Essential SurgeArres

The surge protectors for computers, notebooks, and other electronics provide maximum power surge protection. They include features such as EMI and RFI noise filtering, which helps reduce line noise that can lead to data loss and keyboard errors.

These surge protectors undergo rigorous testing by the IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers) and are assigned "let-through ratings." These ratings indicate the maximum voltage level that can potentially reach your equipment after a surge or voltage spike passes through the surge protector. Lower IEEE let-through ratings indicate better protection and performance.

The APC Essential SurgeArrest series, for example, offers excellent performance with a let-through rating of less than 330V to 500V for products in North America and less than 15% for products sold worldwide. Furthermore, all APC surge protectors comply with local agency safety requirements such as UL in North America and CE/Kema/Gost/C-tick/A-Tick/Telepermit in their respective regions.

Another notable feature is the resettable circuit breaker, which allows for easy recovery from overloads without the need to replace a fuse. However, it's important to note that this feature may not be available on certain Wall Tap SKUs.

Additionally, these surge protectors come with a right-angle plug, enabling safe and convenient connections, even in tight spaces behind desks. They can also be wall-mounted for space-saving placement.

SurgeArrest Performance Features & Benefits:

Lightning and surge protection is crucial in safeguarding your equipment against potential damage caused by electric power surges and spikes.

One convenient feature offered is a 180-degree rotating cord retainer. This feature allows for greater flexibility in positioning the SurgeArrest device and routing the power cord, reducing strain on the cord and making it easier to find the optimal placement.

In addition, cord management is emphasized to minimize cord clutter. This ensures a neat and organized setup, preventing tangled cords that can be unsightly and potentially hazardous.

By incorporating these features, the surge protector provides a reliable solution for protecting your devices from the harmful effects of power surges and lightning strikes while also offering flexibility and tidiness in cord management.


Receptacle shock safety shutters are implemented to provide protection against accidental contact with unused outlets, ensuring user safety.

The surge protectors from APC also feature a site wiring fault indicator. This indicator is designed to detect potential wiring issues and grounding problems in the outlet before connecting your equipment. It acts as an additional safety measure to ensure proper and safe operation of the surge protector.

To maintain a tidy and organized setup, adjustable cable management is provided. This feature helps in keeping cords and cables neatly organized, minimizing clutter and potential hazards.

In addition to cord management, the surge protectors also include a fail-safe mode. Unlike other surge suppressors that may continue to pass power even after their circuits are compromised, APC's SurgeArrest units are designed to disconnect equipment from the power supply once the circuit has been compromised. This ensures that no damaging surges reach your valuable equipment, providing an extra layer of protection.

The surge protectors also feature an overload indicator that illuminates when connected equipment draws more power than the unit's capacity. To address the situation, it is recommended to unplug less critical equipment to prevent overloading.

A protection working indicator is present as well. This indicator serves as a warning if the surge protector's circuitry has been damaged by a significant surge or power line event, indicating that it may no longer provide 100% protection. If the product is still under warranty, APC will replace the damaged SurgeArrest unit free of charge.

These features collectively ensure not only the protection of your equipment from surges and faults but also provide enhanced safety, organization, and peace of mind for users.


Transformer Block Spacing: Connect bulky transformer block plugs without covering up other outlets.


Catastrophic event protection is a key feature of SurgeArrest devices. They are equipped with components such as Metal Oxide Varistors (MOVs) and thermal fuses that react instantly to lightning strikes and wiring faults. In the event of a power spike or overvoltage, these surge components prevent excess power from reaching your equipment. This sets APC SurgeArrest apart from other surge suppressors that may continue to allow power through even after their circuits have been damaged, leaving your equipment vulnerable to further damaging surges.

Data-line protection is another crucial aspect provided by SurgeArrest. It ensures the comprehensive protection of your equipment from surges that can travel through data lines, including Ethernet, coaxial, and phone lines. Safeguarding against these "back door" electric surges is essential because they can be just as damaging to your equipment as surges that travel over power lines.

The SurgeArrest devices adhere to the IEEE let-through rating and UL 1449 compliance standards. The IEEE Let-Through Voltage rating is determined through a test that exposes a Surge Protector to a 6,000-volt spike. The rating signifies the amount of excess voltage that reaches connected equipment. A lower number indicates better performance. The UL 1449 surge protection safety standard utilizes these ratings to assist users in evaluating performance. The best Transient Voltage Surge Suppressor (TVSS) Let-Through Voltage rating recognized by UL is "300V".

Noise filtering is an integral feature that SurgeArrest devices offer. It effectively reduces Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) and Radio Frequency Interference (RFI) line noise, which can lead to data errors and keyboard lockups. This noise attenuation ensures optimal performance of the protected equipment.

Furthermore, SurgeArrest units may include a phone line splitter, enabling the simultaneous use of two devices such as a modem and phone.

By incorporating these features, SurgeArrest devices provide comprehensive protection against catastrophic events, safeguard data lines, adhere to recognized industry standards, and offer noise filtering capabilities and convenient functionality like phone line splitting.

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