Apc AP7552 Basic Zero U 16A 230V Rack PDU

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Apc AP7552

Basic Zero U 16A 230V Rack PDU

The APC AP7552 Basic Zero U 16A 230V Rack PDU is a power distribution unit designed to provide reliable and efficient power distribution for rack-mounted equipment. With its compact and space-saving design, it is an ideal choice for data centers, server rooms, and other IT environments.

The main input voltage options for this PDU are 200V, 208V, and 230V, allowing for flexibility in various power configurations. The input connection type is IEC 60320 C20, which is a commonly used standard for high-power devices. The PDU is equipped with a single cable that has a length of 3.05 meters, providing sufficient reach for connecting to power sources.

In terms of physical dimensions, the AP7552 has a height of 161.9 cm, a width of 5.6 cm, and a depth of 4.4 cm. It has a net weight of 4.86 kg, making it lightweight and easy to handle during installation. The mounting location is on the side, and it is rack-mounted using the included rack mounting brackets and toolless mounting kit.

The PDU offers a total of 20 IEC 60320 C13 power socket outlets and 4 IEC 60320 C19 power socket outlets for connecting various devices. This allows for the simultaneous powering of multiple equipment within the rack.

The APC AP7552 PDU conforms to several product certifications, including CE, GOST, IRAM, and VDE, ensuring compliance with safety and quality standards. It operates within a temperature range of 0 to 45 degrees Celsius and a relative humidity range of 5% to 95%. The PDU can also operate at altitudes of up to 10,000 feet.

For storage, the recommended ambient air temperature ranges from -25 to 65 degrees Celsius, with a relative humidity range of 5% to 95%. The storage altitude can range from sea level up to 15,240 meters.

In terms of packaging, the PDU comes in a single package with a weight of 5.77 kg. The dimensions of the package are 212.1 cm in height, 15.2 cm in width, and 12.7 cm in length.

The APC AP7552 PDU is covered by a contractual warranty of 2 years, which includes repair or replacement of the unit in case of any defects or malfunctions.

Overall, the APC AP7552 Basic Zero U 16A 230V Rack PDU is a reliable and feature-rich power distribution unit that provides efficient and secure power distribution for rack-mounted equipment in various IT environments. Its compact design, high load capacity, and multiple power socket outlets make it a valuable asset for any data center or server room.

Apc AP7552 (NetShelter_Basic_Rack_PDUs_AP7552.pdf, 81 Kb) [Download]

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