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Lenovo Ideapad S400

Lenovo Ideapad S400

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Model Name Lenovo ideapad s400
Processor Intel Core™ i5-3317U 3rd generation
Memory 4G
Video Graphics Intel® HD Graphics 4000
Hard Disk 500GB
Ports 2 USB 2.0 ports
1 USB 3.0 port
Combo jack
2-in-1 card reader (SD/MMC)
Network interface Integrated 10/100/1000
Display 14.0" HD display (16:9 widescreen)
Wireless Connectivity 10/100M ethernet
802.11 b/g/n wireless
Intel® WiMAX/WiFi 1 x 2 b/g/n
Optional Bluetooth®
Keyboard AccuType keyboard
Webcam 720p HD integrated webcam
0.3MP integrated webcam
Battery 4-cell battery
Dimensions 13.3" x 9.5" x 0.83" inch
Operating System
Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium 64 Bit
Warranty 1 Year

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Author: سعر لاب توب لينوفو


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سعر لاب توب لينوفو
Lenovo IdeaPad S400 Ultrabook

فى الامارات 2,600 درهم كويتى
Author: Lenovo Ideapad S400 review :: Lenovo Ideapad S400 مارأيكم فى جهاز لاب توب



Well, I usually never review anything I purchase but figured for once I should give back a little since I am always scouring the internet before buying anything.

I have a software engineering background, work a lot with computers, and have a custom built PC back at home.

I plan on continuing to update this review as I have this laptop. I just purchased it two days ago as of today.

The S400 Touch by Lenovo:

Picked this up from Fry's for their 1-Day deal for 400$, seemed liked a pretty good deal to me since it was pretty cheap for a touch screen and I have been looking for a new budget laptop. Expensive laptops are great, but I work in a chemistry lab a lot and like to not worry about breaking my stuff. Breaking a 400$ Lenovo is much better than breaking a 2000$ MacBook Pro. Also, insurance is for suckers, they make a profit off it, that's why they sell it to you.

Anyway, I use the laptop for school and my own personal work. So far I must say I am pretty pleased with the item. The touch screen isn't bad and the keyboard is your usual Lenovo (IBM) comfortable keyboard. I enjoy typing on it. I used to own a T61 Thinkpad before and a W520 as well. A Toshiba before that, and the others I can't remember. The screen is nice for the laptop size.

Aesthetically, the laptop looks great as well. The only thing I don't like about the look is it seems like they tried to squeeze the already small battery in there. So there's this lump near the screen that looks kind of funky, and causes the upper end of the laptop to be a bit more bulky. I originally purchased the Yoga but returned it for the S400 Touch. Frankly I was not THAT impressed for a laptop that cost me 600$ more without much of a performance increase. Yeah, the processor is better, but if I wanted power I'd be getting a desktop replacement laptop, and the Yoga doesn't have 1080p or independent graphics.

Why do I bring up the Yoga? Well to be honest I am pretty pleased with this new purchase. Saved 600$ and I can't flip my screen. Still have the touch though, which in my opinion you need for Windows 8 unless you want to hate yourself.

Also, missing an SSD, but hey, you can always replace that yourself, no biggie. Once again, this was a 400$ touch screen laptop.

I am going to give this laptop 3 stars for now because I am a pretty tough critic. As time progresses and I continue to be pleased it will make it up to 4 stars unless I find some major issue. If you are looking for a budget laptop that works with windows 8, I would recommend this laptop. I plan on keeping it for a while.
Author: Lenovo Ideapad S400 review :: Lenovo Ideapad S400 مارأيكم فى جهاز لاب توب


bill s preston esquire

If I forget to turn of the mouse pad it inevitably will highlight all that i'm writing and erase it (and windows 8 has no "undo" function in the email app:-( ). MOST of the time the kill button for the mouse pad doesn't work which is super lame.. I have to hit it over and over and then finally it wakes up. I'm very disappointed in how ALL other key/mouse pad functions work sporadically. (I MEAN ALL OF THEM) The mouse pad has two finger scrolling for example.. only works sometimes.. I wish it didn't have the feature if its not going to work.. I'd rather have the scrolling on the side of the mouse pad at the very least but it doesn't have that because it has the "two finger works when it feels like it" feature... Over all i'm not all that impressed with Lenovo and wouldn't recommend this nor will I ever buy one of these again. I previously had a Toshiba and it was soooo much better.. I'll go back to them on my next one as I had it for 6 years never had a problem, and all the features worked all the time. I'm guessing it has something to do where these products are designed. I live where the Lenovo is designed and its very much like many things there, 7/10ths. Almost there, but skimping on that last 3 of the 10 is what makes this computer okay and not great...
But on the plus side its light, it was cheap and the battery life is pretty long (more than a couple of hours).
I have my qualms with windows 8 being super dumbed down but that has little to do with the computer so i'll spare you needing to read about that..
Author: Lenovo Ideapad S400 review :: Lenovo Ideapad S400 مارأيكم فى جهاز لاب توب


M. Minkin "maxintosh"

This thing is awful. I admin IT for our company. We bought it for the office because we needed a Windows machine and it's hilariously bad. Slow as hell, can barely handle the Windows 8 nonsense. Screen broke within weeks--returned. New machine doesn't have a working WiFi card. There were literally a pile of returns of this machine at Best Buy. Lenovo's ThinkPad legacy is long gone. Avoid at all costs.
Author: Lenovo Ideapad S400 review :: Lenovo Ideapad S400 مارأيكم فى جهاز لاب توب



I am a college student and this computer does everything I need it to do for all of my classes, and more! I am so very pleased with this product and everything it does!
Author: Lenovo Ideapad S400 review :: Lenovo Ideapad S400 مارأيكم فى جهاز لاب توب


Jaclyn Wilson

you said it was
not what suppose to have cd burner
keyboard is suppose to light up
Jackie Wilson
Jacksonville, FL
Author: أفضل لاب توب للألعاب والترفيه ؟


يحي يوسف

انا لو -لو بقى - هشترى لاب توب تنصحونى بايه
وتنصحونى بامكانياته ايه
هو انا عايز يكون لاب يشتغل 24 ساعة فى اليوم ميقلش آى ولا يفتح بقه
ويكون كارت الشاشة نضيف جداً علشان يشغل كل الجودات الموجودة دلوقتى ويشغل الجودات اللى ممكن تنزل لخمس سنين قدام يعنى لو طلعت جودة احسن فى الفترة اللى جاية يعرف يشغلها علشان انا متعذب دلوقتى مع الخربان بتاعى اخر عذاب
ويكون البروسيسور بتاعه قوى يشغل احدث العاب وكده و اهم حاجة يشغل
اللى هتنزل لخمس سنين قدام يعنى لحد
PES 2017
يشغلها تمام مايشتكيش
والرام متقلش عن 4 جيجا ولو زيادة يبقى احسن
انا اخويا معاه لاب توشيبا هو امكانياته حلوة من حيث الرام والبروسيسور زى الامكانيات اللى قلتها فوق
لكن فيه عيب فظيع موجود فيه من اول ما جه هو انه بيسخن قوى وبشدة بعد ما تغشل اللاب مفيش نص ساعة وتلاقيه سخن بطريقة مش معقولة هو مش بيفصل لكن بيسخن قوى لكن بيظل بنفس الاداء ونفس السرعة وكمان الهارد اللى فى اللاب نفسه بيقرأ ببطئ شديد قمة الشلل
فانا مستبعد توشيبا نهائى ومستحيل اجيبه
انا قريت ان
برضه بيسخن وكده هو لو كل
بتسخن يبقى مش مشكلة ولو مفيهوش غير السخونية مش مشكلة
وقريت عن ديل بيقولوا مشاكل كتير فيه وبالذات الهارد
ويا ريت تقولولى السعر فى مصر و أمريكا
انا الميزانية بتاع 5 آلاف اخرها
1- الجهاز هيكون للافلام باعلى جودة يعنى بلوراى و لو اعلى من البلوراى نزل يشغلها والعاب تقيلة والجرافيكس عالى زى العاب الحروب والقتال
2- الجهاز هجيبه من خارج مصر يعنى مش هيبقى ليه ضمان فى مصر يعنى لو اى مشكلة فى الهاردوير بالسلامة بس انا هجيبه من بره علشان ارخص
انا عارف ان موضوعى طويل بس معلش لان الجهاز ده هيتنيه معايا بتاع اربع سنين ولا حاجة
Author: أفضل لاب توب للألعاب والترفيه ؟


آرسنال هنرى

ركز على المواصفات دي
core i5 or i7
و رامات 4 وممكن تزودهم 4 بعد كدة لو عايز وهارد 750 جيجا او 1 تيرابايت وكارت 2جيجا
amd ..
Author: أفضل لاب توب للألعاب والترفيه ؟



عجبنى اوى الجهاز ده وسرعه كويس بالنسبة للامكانيات
بس معلش ممكن توضح نقطة السخونية
وكمان هل سريع فى النسخ و كده
و الالعاب والافلام
وهل مفيش مقاس شاشة اكبر من كده ولا ده اكبر مقاس في الاب توب
Author: أفضل لاب توب للألعاب والترفيه ؟



بص انا عندي اخو الجهاز ده بس برامات 4 ومن غير ويندوز وكان كويس وبالنسبة للسخونية اكيد بيسخن زي اي جهاز في الالعاب والتطبيقات العالية لكن في حدود المسموح دي اهم حاجة ..
في مقاسات اكبر بس اجهزة تعدي الميزانية بكتير .. بس 15.6 بوصة كويس جداً ..

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